It may seem hard to believe,但是健康的Nutella芝士蛋糕是存在的,而且很可能是满足你对巧克力渴望的最好方式。!

非常容易制作,this清淡不烤坚果芝士蛋糕is THE chocolatey dessert that will almost definitely make you a happier human being.At least it works for me,and I've just discovered that is also a great way to beat Monday blues (especially if you live in London and it was a very rainy day… nevermind).


Simple,the choice of ingredients.追求真正的好东西和好用途自制坚果instead of any store-bought alternative,把奶油干酪和清淡的乳清干酪互换,并用较轻的外壳做底。

现在你可能已经注意到我总是选择乳清干酪我的奶酪蛋糕over store-bought cream cheese.The reason why I prefer ricotta is definitely because it's healthier,lighter and not over-processed like cream cheese.Your can opt for traditional ricotta made with whole  cow/sheep milk or choose a light version made with 2% milk.A good-quality ricotta will only list milk,盐和酸凝固剂作为成分,没有别的了。Ricotta is usually watery when first made,but the best store-bought versions should be already drained when sold,使奶酪变得更奶油和更丰富。

值得一提的是,你也可以make your own ricottain less than 1 hour.当然,这会让任何一款商店购买的产品大吃一惊!!

american easy carrot cake with orange mascarpone cream - recipe by the 亚博顶级线上娱乐petite cook

To make thecheesecake filling,start by mixing fresh firm ricotta with finely ground demerara sugar or caster sugar,until you reach a smooth rich texture.然后加入柠檬橙汁和半香草豆,如果你喜欢的话,a spoonful of chopped pistachio is a great addition too.At this point,只需折叠大量美味的自制坚果.把它混合好– a taste or two are allowed too –你的芝士蛋糕坚果馅准备好了。

当涉及到奶酪蛋糕座你可以选择经典的混合糖,消化饼干(或用浅色的)和黄油。For a lighter option go for a健康无麸质替代品把杏仁粉和软化的蜜枣混合在一起。This will instantly lift your cheesecake up from extra undesired fats and calories.


Serve straight from the fridge and indulge into this chocolatey light no-bake nutella cheesecake with no shame!!

No-bake Nutella Cheesecake
Total time
配方类型: Dessert
Cuisine: 健康饮食
服务: 8
  • 基地:
  • 1 cup softened pitted dates
  • 1 cup lightly toasted almond meal
  • Filling:
  • 500gr/17.5oz ricotta cheese,well drained
  • 150gr/5oz细白砂糖或磨碎的德默拉砂糖
  • 1个橙子的味道
  • 半柠檬味
  • ½个香草豆子(可选)
  • 1 tbsp chopped pistachios (optional)
  • 5 tbsp自制坚果(或商店购买的高质量版本)
  1. 在食品加工机里把所有的芝士蛋糕基本成分混合在一起直到混合。
  2. Put the mixture into a cake tin covered with cling film,and use your fingers or the back of a spoon to spread it evenly,pressing it down in the tin to form the base.把罐头放进冰箱里,静置30分钟左右。
  3. In the meantime prepare the filling.Put the ricotta and sugar in a large bowl and mix energetically with a spatula or hand blender until smooth and creamy.
  4. 加入橙汁和柠檬汁,vanilla and pistachio if using,then fold the nutella in.用手轻轻搅拌直到混合。
  5. Remove the cheesecake tin from the fridge.Pour the filling over the base and spread evenly.
  6. 放回冰箱,直到放好,准备好食用(至少休息4小时)。Enjoy!!
Makes one large 9inch cheesecake or 8 small individual ones.
2+1/2 tbsp melted butter and 1 tbsp sugar.