Welcome Spring with a smile and a slice of this delicious and totally guilt-free dessert!!

You're about to fall in love with this芒果馅饼配百香果酸奶慕斯.Filled with refreshing and beautifully displayed mango slices,this easy tart recipe doesn't take more than 15 mins to put it together and it's packed with health benefits for your body.

嘎吱嘎吱的fragrant crust made with almond flour龙舌兰花蜜是这个简单但令人印象深刻的芒果馅饼的基础。You only need to mix together the ingredients,and then just tip the mixture on a small individual tart tin ( or a big one,根据你想要的馅饼大小而定)烤5分钟,直到松脆和金棕色。

我喜欢这个外壳的一切,it's not only无麸质的but you benefit from all杏仁的健康特性,,including a great amount of vitamins,矿物质,protein and fiber,,

为了做健康又好的百香果慕斯,简单地将果肉与轻而紧凑的Greek yogurt( buy organic to get a very firm yogurt).为什么选择希腊酸奶?首先是因为里面有益生菌,,microorganisms that help protect our immune system and are great for the digestive system;second because it's packed with维生素B12素食者通常缺乏维生素B12,因为它通常存在于肉类中,so Greek yogurt is an excellent,不吃肉的方式来增加你的饮食。

最后一道菜是在馅饼上加上甜甜多汁。熟芒果.这个超级食物是一个很好的选择,in fact mangos are packed withantioxidants and vitamin C,两者都对身体健康和健康至关重要。简而言之,每天吃芒果可使医生远离。


这个mango tart with passion fruit mousse完美平衡的早餐,securing you two of your 5 a day,plus all the health benefits it comes with!!

Mango tart with passion fruit yogurt mousse - Light and #glutenfree #dessert!! 点击鸣叫

Welcome to a new era where健康的甜点确实存在and are super good for you!!

Enjoy more健康甜点配方yabo亚博体育for every day of the week!!

Prep time
配方类型: 甜点,早餐
Cuisine: 英国的
  • 3 mangos,very thinly sliced
  • 400gr/14oz light Greek yogurt
  • 两种百香果浆
  • 1汤匙未加香料的明胶(我使用素食明胶)
  • 1汤匙蜂蜜(可选)
For the almond crust:
  • 250gr/2+1/2杯杏仁粉
  • 3汤匙龙舌兰花蜜
  • 一撮海盐
  1. 预热烤箱至350F/180C。在一个碗里,把杏仁粉、一撮盐和龙舌兰花蜜混合在一起,,
  2. Transfer the mixture in a no-stick 9-inch tart pan ( or 4 small individual tart tins) with a removable bottom.Using a measuring cup or your fingers,将杏仁混合物均匀地压入平底锅底部和上部。
  3. 在烤箱中央烘烤至金黄色且牢固,about 5 minutes.转移到网架上完全冷却。
  4. 同时准备填充物。在一个小平底锅中,将明胶撒在1/4杯冷水上,然后搅拌,然后用低温加热混合物,搅拌,直到明胶溶解。
  5. 在一个碗里,把西番莲果肉和酸奶混合在一起,然后加入明胶混合物。让它自然或添加蜂蜜使其更甜。
  6. Fill ⅔ of each tart with passion fruit mousse.
  7. Starting with the longest strips of mango,place the slices around the edge of the tart.
  8. 重复这个动作直到你到达中心。slightly overlapping the rows.
  9. Keep refrigerated until serving,and enjoy!!
The recipe amounts are for a 9-inch tart or 4 small individual ones.